About Us

Business Philosophy

Creating Trust to Create Opportunity

The essence of our business philosophy lies in entrepreneurship and in striving to create new business opportunities based on the relationships of mutual trust we have built up among individuals and corporations.

Management Principles

  • 1. We pursue the happiness of our employees and their families.

  • 2. We deliver excitement to customers with our products and services that exceed their expectations.

  • 3. We always develop a feeling of gratitude and aim for a company that is told thank you.

Brand Statement

Value Creator

Contributing to the development of the industrial world by the continuous creation of new value

Corporate Emblem

Corporate Emblem

The corporate emblem of Imao Corporation consists of a Japanese cinnamon tree and the globe.

The corporate emblem of Imao Corporation was designed in the motif of a Japanese cinnamon tree and the globe.
The Japanese cinnamon tree is called “kusunoki” in Japanese, and the symbolic cinnamon tree is associated with Kusunoki-cho, the birthplace of our company. The kusunoki tree of our corporate emblem is an evergreen and symbolizes the youth, growth, and permanence of our company.
In addition, as many Japanese cinnamon trees are planted in public spaces such as streets and parks for relaxation and comfort, the tree symbol stands for Imao’s contribution to the community and as an environmentally-friendly entity.
The globe symbol of our company emblem indicates our expansive, global business field with the “Global Human Network” based on mutual trust among individuals and corporations.

Company Profile

Company Name
Imao Corporation
Tatsuki Imao
90 Million Yen
October 1935
No. of Employees

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